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Charles L. Dufour papers, 1803-1984

By Jazmin Smith

Collection Overview

Title: Charles L. Dufour papers, 1803-1984

Predominant Dates:1950-1979

ID: LaRC/Manuscripts Collection 90

Creator: Dufour, Charles L.

Extent: 25.0 Boxes. More info below.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged as follows: manuscripts, notebooks (arranged chronologically), correspondence (arranged chronologically), subject files (arranged alphabetically), and bound clippings files (arranged chronologically). The collection consists of 25 boxes, 26 volumes and 1 oversize folder. It is 24 linear feet.

Date Acquired: 10/00/1961

Languages: English [eng]

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection of manuscripts by Charles L. Dufour includes the research notes, original drafts, revisions, final drafts and galley and page proofs of his books "Gentle Tiger," "The Night the War Was Lost," and "Nine Men in Gray." The collection also contains correspondence and notebooks from his trips to Europe.

Biographical Note

Charles L. "Pie" Dufour (1903-1996) was a New Orleans newspaperman, author, radio broadcaster, public relations worker, historian, and Tulane University professor. He came from a family that had moved to New Orleans in 1809, and he lived in the city except during the World War II era, when he served in the Army. He wrote twenty books, more than fifty scholarly articles, and over 9,700 installments of his daily New Orleans Item newspaper column, "Pie Dufour's a la Mode." He wrote on diverse subjects, including Louisiana history, New Orleans Carnival, law, sports, classical music, gourmet food, and European travel. Dufour worked as a reporter and columnist for the New Orleans Item (and States-Item) most of his adult life, retiring from journalism in 1978. He also wrote New Orleans, Yesterday and Today: A Guide to the City with John Chase, Walter G. Cowan, Osborne K. Leblanc, and John Wilds. He lived to the age of ninety-three.

Administrative Information

Alternate Extent Statement: 24 linear feet

Access Restrictions: Collection is open to the public. No known restrictions.

Use Restrictions: Physical rights are retained by the Louisiana Research Collection. Copyright is retained in accordance with U.S. copyright laws.

Acquisition Source: Charles L. Dufour.

Acquisition Method: Gift.

Preferred Citation: Charles L. Dufour papers, Manuscripts Collection 90, Louisiana Research Collection, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118.

Processing Information: Collection originally processed November 1961. First created in Archon on 4/19/2010. Updated with creator and subject headings on 7/27/2010.

Finding Aid Revision History: Finding aid information entered in Archon by LAC Group in 2011. Revised by LAC Group 10/17/11.

Other Note: OCLC Number: 635589676

Box and Folder Listing

Box 1: Gentle Tiger research notes volumes 1, 2, 3 (notebooks), 1957
Box 2: Gentle Tiger original manuscript, first draft, page proofs, 1957
Box 3: Gentle Tiger revised draft, final draft, galley proofs, 1957
Box 4: Gentle Tiger correspondence, 1955-1957
Box 5: Gentle Tiger and The Night the War Was Lost research materials, 1846-1955
Box 6: The Night the War was Lost research notes numbers 1 and 2
Box 7: The Night the War was Lost research notes numbers 3 and 4, 1961
Box 8: The Night the War was Lost work sheets, carbon of original outline, 1961
Box 9: The Night the War was Lost original draft, 1957
Box 10: The Night the War was Lost first revision rough draft, 1957
Box 11: The Night the War was Lost carbon of final draft, 1957
Box 12: The Night the War was Lost final draft (Publisher's copy), 1957
Box 13: The Night the War was Lost galley proofs, bound proofs, 1957
Box 14: The Night the War was Lost research notes
Box 15: Nine Men in Grey research notes, letter, cartoon
Box 16: Nine Men in Grey research notes
Box 17: Nine Men in Grey original manuscript
Box 18: Nine Men in Grey final draft
Box 19: Nine Men in Grey final galley proofs
Box 20: Henry Hotze letter and dispatch book (original in Library of Congress)
Box 21: Notebooks, 1968-1984
These notebooks, with day-to-day expenses in Europe, cover trips between 1968 and 1986. Among these triips were a number conducted by Tulane's University College.
Volume 1: Notebook, 1968
Volume 2: Notebook, 1969
Volume 3: Notebook, 1970
Volume 4: Notebook, 1971
Volume 5: Notebook, 1972
Volume 6: Notebook, 1974
Volume 7: Notebook, 1975
Volume 8: Notebook, 1976
Volume 9: Notebook, 1977
Volume 10: Notebook, 1978
Volume 11: Notebook, 1979
Volume 12: Notebook, 1980
Volume 13: Notebook, 1981
Volume 14: Notebook, 1982
Volume 15: Notebook, 1983
Volume 16: Notebook, 1984
Volume 17: Notebook, 1970 or 1981
Volume 18: Notebook (address book), undated
Box 22: History of New Orleans Country Club drafts and notes
Box 23: Biography;correspondence; subject files A-F
Folder 1: Biography of Charles "Pie" Dufour
Folder 2: Correspondence regarding columns for States Item, 1954-1977
Folder 3: Correspondence regarding columns for States Item, 1967
Folder 4: Correspondence regarding Forgotten Men of the Confederacy (later entitled Nine Men in Gray) (also included is a contract), 1960-1962
Folder 5: Correspondence regarding Gentle Tiger (also included are royalty statements), 1957-1974
Folder 6: Correspondence regarding Gettysburg Memorial Commission (also included are photos of the sculptors), 1968
Folder 7: Correspondence regarding History of the Confederacy (also included is an outline), 1968-1969
Folder 8: Correspondence: Father Joly to Dufour, 1961 September-1962 January
Folder 9: Correspondence regarding Louisiana (later entitled Ten Flags in the Wind), 1961-1967
Folder 10: Correspondence regarding Louisiana Purchase (also included are contracts), 1968-1971
Folder 11: Correspondence regarding The Mexican War (also included are royalty statements and contracts), 1952-1971
Folder 12: Correspondence regarding miscellaneous subjects, 1957-1978
Folder 13: Correspondence regarding miscellaneous subjects, 1957-1978
Folder 14: Correspondence regarding New Orleans (also included are manuscript), 1966-1971
Folder 15: Correspondence regarding The Night the War Was Lost (also included are royalty statements), 1958-1962
Folder 16: Correspondence regarding Nine Men in Gray (see also Forgotten Men of the Confederacy), 1962-1969
Folder 17: Correspondence regarding manuscript reviews done by Dufour, 1958-1967
Folder 18: Correspondence regarding speaking engagements by Dufour, 1960-1978
Folder 19: Correspondence regarding Ten Flags in the Wind, 1960-1978
Folder 20: A. Labas- letters of complaint to
Folder 21: Adult Education- The Challenge in New Orleans speech given by Dufour at Lutcher graduation, 1962 May 22
Folder 22: Alumni Fun game show appearance by Dufour, 1962
Folder 23: Antoine's wine list, 1840-1940
Folder 24: Bachelor Benefactors of New Orleans
Folder 25: Battle of Lafourche Crossing  historical marker dedications, 1963 June 23
Folder 26: Battle of New Orleans manuscript and correspondence
Folder 27: The Battle of New Orleans by Richard R. Dixon
Folder 28: Boswell Would Have Liked New Orleans notes and The Creole Rambler the Boswell Club of New Orleans, 1953
Folder 29: Brotherhood week
Folder 30: Cabildo
Folder 31: Catholic youth week
Folder 32: Chalmette National Historic Park
Folder 33: Charlie Campbell
Folder 34: Edward B. Charbonnet
Folder 35: Andrea Chenier
Folder 36: Chicago Civil War Round table Tour of New Olreans, 1964 April/May
Folder 37: Christmas
Folder 38: Christmas Seal campaign work certificate, 1961 February 14
Folder 39: Christian Women's Exchange (history of)
Folder 40: City contour map, 1948
Folder 41: Civil War Centennial Commission correspondence, reports, newsletters
Folder 42: The Civil War Round Table correspondence, 1966
Folder 43: Dr. Theodore Clapp notes
Folder 44: Clippings - miscellaneous
Folder 45: Communism, 1951 December 5
Folder 46: Confederate Medicine by Morgan B. Raiford presented before the A.H.C.W.R., 1956
Folder 47: Congressional Record remarks by Edward Hebert about Dufour
Folder 48: Cross Cutrents in Middle East research and manuscript
Folder 49: Cultural Attractions Fund
Folder 50: Daniel Boone's Adventures in Charlottesville in 1781 Some Incidents Connected with Tarleton's Raid by John Cook Wyllie
Folder 51: Direction '69 Tulane Symposium
Folder 52: Drip Dry a collection of articles by Dufour on European travels (authographed), 1968-1970
Folder 53: Early Art in New Orleans notes and manuscript
Folder 54: Egypt research, notes, and manuscript
Folder 55: Otto Eisenschiml
Folder 56: Elks
Folder 57: Empire Building: Cornering the Market presented at the American Issues Forum, 1976 February 19
Folder 58: Ethics for Athlete research materials and outline
Folder 59: Europe, 1969(?)
Folder 60: Callender I. Fayssoux Bantam Fillibuster notecards and notes
Folder 61: Faust notes
Folder 62: Finances, 1961-1962
Folder 63: French manuscript not written by Dufour
Box 24: Subject files G-R
Folder 1: Garden District notes, correspondence, pamphlets
Folder 2: Guggenheim Fellowship
Folder 3: Glendy Burke by Elizabeth Fowler paper, correspondence, 1948 February 17
Folder 4: Address of Major General U.S. Grant to CWRT and Historic Fredericksburg, Inc., 1960 June 17
Folder 5: Gentle Tiger book reviews
Folder 6: William Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan notecards
Folder 7: Don Giovanni speech made before the Opera Guild, 1972 March 23
Folder 8: The Greatest Free Show on Earth by Dufour published in Southern Living, 1967 February
Folder 9: Henry Howard- Forgotten Architect notes, correspondence
Folder 10: Highlights of the Forty Years of Football at Tulane by E. Davis McCutcheon, 1911-1950
Folder 11: History class taught by Dufour
Folder 12: Published works by Marten ten Hoor
Folder 13: How to Write a Column notecards
Folder 14: Hurricane Betsy printed materials
Folder 15: Journalism and Liberal Arts notecards
Folder 16: Gilbert Knaupp testimonial at Fontainbleau Motel, 1963 October 16
Folder 17: La Boheme notes
Folder 18: Lafayette Cemetery
Folder 19: Lafayette manuscript; Maurois newspaper article
Folder 20: John B. Lafitte correspondence, research, photographs
Folder 21: Les Escargots Orleanais
Folder 22: Libraries, God Bless 'Em notes
Folder 23: Louisiana Historical Association newsletters, correspondence, programs
Folder 24: The Louisiana Purchase script
Folder 25: LSU Archives manuscript
Folder 26: Proces-verbal of transfer of Louisiana to US from France (copy), 1803 December 20
Folder 27: Holy Rosary Parish
Folder 28: The Louisiana Tigers manuscript
Folder 29: The Madonna of Louisiana unknown author
Folder 30: The Man on the Horse in Jackson Square notes, research, manuscript
Folder 31: Maps
Folder 32: Major Simon Mayer (Civil War) typed script of bound volume also included is correspondence regarding that volume
Folder 33: Mayflower Descendants newspaper article
Folder 34: Sara Mayo notes, printed material
Folder 35: Mercury Records correspondence regarding After Gettysburg also included is the manuscript
Folder 36: The Mexican War book reviews
Folder 37: Mexico trip, 1963
Folder 38: Miscellaneous
Folder 39: New Orleans a la Mode notecards
Folder 40: New Orleans Mon Amour by Walker Percy Harper's, 1968 September
Folder 41: New Orleans Portraits, Dixie, 1968 June 16
Folder 42: New Orleans 250th anniversary
Folder 43: The Night the War Was Lost excerpts from reviews
Folder 44: Nine Men in Gray book reviews, jacket manuscript, (see also Forgotten Men of the Confederacy)
Folder 45: Opera/symphony in New Orleans
Folder 46: The Origin of Dixie by Bascom Timmons, correspondence
Folder 47: Our Lady of the Poets manuscript, correspondence
Folder 48: Samuel J. Peters notes and research
Folder 49: Photographs
Folder 50: Pierre Soule manuscript
Folder 51: Pius X notecards
Folder 52: Pius XII notes and research
Folder 53: Oliver Pollock notes and research
Folder 54: Port Hudson
Folder 55: Presidents and the Press manuscript and notes
Folder 56: Psychological Warfare notecards from speech given by Dufour to the Air Force Reserve also correspondence regarding this speaking engagement, 1951 August 28
Folder 57: Purefoy Hotel
Folder 58: Henry Charles Ramos
Folder 59: Raphael Semmes and the Cruise of the Sumter and Alabama manuscript and correspondence
Folder 60: Research expenses, 1958-1962, 1965-1966
Folder 61: Maurice Ries biographical from Bob J. Scultz Service
Folder 62: Rex material
Folder 63: Rex material
Folder 64: Rex material
Folder 65: Rex/Mardi Gras material
Box 25: Subject files S-W; printed materials
This box also contains various pamphlets and booklets used by Dufour.
Folder 1: St. Jude Fiesta certificate, 1969
Folder 2: St. Patricks
Folder 3: Sale of books
Folder 4: The Salt Mine at Avery Island speech, 1963 May 4
Folder 5: Salt mines
Folder 6: Sieur de Sauvole
Folder 7: Victor Schiro (riverfront interstate)
Folder 8: Secession vote in Louisiana
Folder 9: Shakespeare notes, correspondence
Folder 10: The Story of Coyle Lines Incorporated
Folder 11: Telephone service in New Orleans research
Folder 12: Ten Flags in the Wind book reviews, notes, contract, royalty checks (see also Louisiana manuscript correspondence)
Folder 13: They came to the Bayous article by Dufour published in Dixie, 1968 July 21
Folder 14: Tidelands
Folder 15: Judah Touro's will (copy)
Folder 16: Triskaidekaphobia and other Superstitions outline
Folder 17: Tulane-LSU football game
Folder 18: Report on Uncle Tom's Cabin Site
Folder 19: United States Foreign Policy presented before the League of Women Voters, 1952 April 18
Folder 20: Ursuline Convent notes
Folder 21: Valentines outline
Folder 22: Verdi Requiem
Folder 23: Vieux Carre
Folder 24: The War in the West show script
Folder 25: Weather in New Orleans
Folder 26: Edward Douglass White
Folder 27: The Wines of France presented at the France-Amerique de la Louisiane Wine Festival
Folder 28: The World of 1910 speech given at B.H. class of 1910 dinner, 1959 June 1
Volume 1: Clippings of A La Mode and reviews, 1949 November 7-1950 November 6
Volume 2: Clippings of A La Mode and reviews, 1950 November 7-1951 November 6
Volume 3: Clippings of A La Mode and reviews, 1951 November 7-1952 November 6
Volume 4: Clippings of A La Mode and reviews, 1952 November 7-1953 November 6
Volume 5: Clippings of A La Mode and reviews, 1953 November 7-1954 November 6
Volume 6: Clippings of A La Mode, 1954 November 7-1955 November 6
Volume 7: Clippings of A La Mode, 1955 November 7-1956 November 6
Volume 8: Clippings of A La Mode, 1956 November 7-1957 November 6
Volume 9: Clippings of A La Mode, 1957 November 7-1958 November 6
Volume 10: Clippings of A La Mode, 1958 November 7-1959 November 6
Volume 11: Clippings of A La Mode, 1959 November 7-1960 November 6
Volume 12: Clippings of A La Mode, 1960 November 8-1961 November 7
Volume 13: Clippings of A La Mode, 1961 November 8-1962 November 7
Volume 14: Clippings of A La Mode, 1962 November 8-1963 November 7
Volume 15: Clippings of A La Mode, 1963 November 8-1964 November 7
Volume 16: Clippings of A La Mode, 1964 November 8-1965 November 7
Volume 17: Clippings of A La Mode, 1965 November 8-1966 November 7
Volume 18: Clippings of A La Mode, 1966 November 8-1967 November 7
Volume 19: Clippings of A La Mode, 1967 November 8-1968 November 7
Volume 20: Clippings of A La Mode, 1968 November 8-1969 November 7
Volume 21: Clippings of A La Mode, 1969 November 8-1970 November 7
Volume 22: Clippings of A La Mode, 1970 November 8-1971 November 7
Volume 23: Clippings of A La Mode, 1971 November 8-1972 November 7
Volume 24: Clippings of A La Mode, 1972 November 8-1973 November 7
Volume 25: Clippings of A La Mode, 1972 November 8-1975 July 10
Volume 26: Clippings of A La Mode, 1975 July 11-1977 July 28
Volume 27: Clippings of A La Mode, 1977 July 29-1979 January 1
Oversize folder 1: Proclamations