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Collection Overview

Title: Prosper Foy papers, 1790-1878

ID: LaRC/Manuscripts Collection 443

Primary Creator: Foy, Prosper.

Extent: 2.0 Boxes

Arrangement: Volume One is arranged chronologically and Volume Two consists of manuscripts in no specific order. The collection consists of two boxes.

Subjects: Foy, Prosper., New Orleans, Battle of, New Orleans, La., 1815., Opera., Private libraries., Slave records.

Forms of Material: Bills of sale., Correspondence., Inventories., Manuscripts (document genre), Poems., Scrapbooks., Scripts (documents)

Languages: English, French

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Prosper Foy (1790-1878) was a white, French-born marble cutter, sculptor, engraver, teacher of architecture, and slaveholder. The collection consists of bills of sale, slave records, poems, correspondence, personal papers, and receipts in two scrapbooks. There are also manuscripts by Prosper Foy of scripts and stage directions for various operas, including "Martha Ou Le Marche de Richmond" and "Les Noces de Figaro" in addition to the manuscript for "Revolution des Colonies espagnoles en Amerique." The collection contains several library inventories as well.

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Biographical Note

Prosper Foy (1790-1878) was a white, French-born marble cutter, sculptor, engraver, teacher of architecture, and slaveholder. His father sent him to Paris in the mid 1830s to learn his craft, although with whom is unknown. Upon returning to New Orleans, Foy became one of the leading marble tomb-cutters in Louisiana, producing wall vaults, utilitarian tombs, and funerary sculptures such as plaques, bas-reliefs, and carved decorative ornaments. His many works can be seen in Saint Louis I, II, and III cemeteries and the Lafayette I, Cypress Grove, Greenwood, and Odd Fellows cemeteries in New Orleans.

Subject/Index Terms

Foy, Prosper.
New Orleans, Battle of, New Orleans, La., 1815.
Private libraries.
Slave records.

Administrative Information

Repository: Louisiana Research Collection

Access Restrictions: Collection is open to the public. No known restrictions.

Use Restrictions: Physical rights are retained by the Louisiana Research Collection. Copyright is retained in accordance with U.S. copyright laws.

Preferred Citation: Prosper Foy papers, Manuscripts Collection 443, Louisiana Research Collection, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118.

Processing Information: Collection processed in 1948 and reprocessed in 1977.

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Other Note: OCLC Number: 801407116

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Box 1: Volumes
Volume 1: Volume I

1. 1790 July 31. Baptism of Foy, Jean Baptiste.

2. 1806 July 7. Restaurant bill of Prosper Foy.

3. 1824 April 13. Baptismal papers of Catalina Portugas in Spain certified by Henry Ruggles, United States Consul to Barcelona, in 1873.

4. 1827 April 29. From Velasco, Francisco in Mexico asking for mining information.

5. 1834 May 11. Bill of sale?

6. 1836. Notations made concerning approximately eleven slaves, in New Orleans from estate of a Mr. Boisblanc.

7. 1837 March 15. From Le Crossier to a M. Re de Perdeauville (?)

8. 1838 May 26. Prosper Foy is informed he must pay the delinquent note he cosigned for SS Davies.

9. 1838 June 25. To Prosper Foy from Vitalie (?) concerning sale of dwelling in St. Jacques Parish.

10. 1838 September 1. Concerning prices and crops, articles for sale, et cetera, from A. Maurin and Company to Prosper Foy.

11. 1839 February 16. Planters summoned to send slaves to work on the levee and list of payments to owners.

12. 1839 June 30. From Conner Grindley and Company, New Orleans

13 and 14. 1839 October 18. Two letters from F. Delaup in Philadelphia concerning economic conditions and value of different bank notes.

1839 December 21. From F. Delaup to Prosper Foy, personal matters.

15. 1840 January 22. From F. Delaup to Prosper Foy regarding mistake in "Louisianais".

16. 1840 April 29. Bill for mourning clothes on death of slave "Rachel".

17. 1840 June 9. From Julia Moore to Prosper Foy, asking why he hardly visits her.

18. 1840 September. From F. Foy to Prosper Foy concerning death of Madame Derdrovil.

19. 1840 September 9. From F. Foy to Prosper Foy describing difficult family situation. His mother, Prosper's wife, has lost a baby. The presence of Julia's baby makes it even more difficult.

20. 1840 October 14. From Julia Moore to Prosper Foy declining with regrets his invitation to visit.

21. 1840 October 20. From Jean Baptiste Landry to Prosper Foy regarding renting three of Foy's slaves.

22. 1840 November 2. J.B. Landry returns two as being too old for work.

23. 1841 February 8. Contract for renting a dwelling on the left bank rented by Prosper Foy to Jean and Francois Raymond (houses and lands).

24. 1841 July 5. F. Foy to Prosper Foy concerning inscription on tomb of a Dr. Joseph Donde (English translation).

25. 1841 July 5. Original of above.

26. 1841 September 8. From Auguste Herisson to Prosper Foy personal letter with news of friends.

27. 1841 September 9. From P.F. Roche to Prosper Foy, "neighbor" informs Foy on his slaves' activities.

28. 1841 September 18. From Jean Magne to Prosper Foy, explains why he can't accept invitation to visit.

29. 1841 December 2. From Jean Magne to Prosper Foy concerning articles for L'Abeille.

30. 1842 February 19. From F. Delaup to Prosper Foy, informs him that requested items have been sent by steamer; other personal items.

31. 1842 February 19. From Jean Magne to Prosper Foy, regrets inability to keep Foy's name on "mailbook" (of L'Abeille).

32. 1844 September 11. Printed letter from steamship company concerning which ships are insurable, using ships to transport cotton.

33. 1844 November 29. From Rosa Foy to Prosper Foy, asking why her father has not visited them in town lately.

34. 1845 January 11. Bill to Evariste Blouin, for the rent of four slaves from Prosper Foy.

35. 1845 February 12. From William B. Cutihon to Prosper Foy, asking price, condition of land, slaves, livestock, and levees of land for sale.

36. 1845 October 4. From William B. Cutihon, informing Prosper Foy he has bought land adjoining his; his land will be sold at auction if he doesn't build a levee or sell it first.

37. 1865 November 4. Official document from Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands restoring land to George Dermeyer that had been seized during the war.

38. 1865 November 4. Lands of John Duffy seized for non-payment of taxes in 1863 and 1864.

39. 1865 November 11. House at 622 St. Charles Street returned to owner, J.D. Dameron, by the United States Army.

40. 1866 March 29. Certifies that particular parcels of property, belonging to William E. Levich, has been held by the United States Army.

41. 1866 July 18. Certifies that a long list of properties, belonging to S.H. Davis, had been held by the United States Army.

42. 1866 July 25. Certifies dates during which time the house at 35 Derbigny Street was in possession of United States Army.

43. 1866 November 21. Releases R.H. Dixey from paying back taxes on properties which had been held by Federal Army.

44. 1866 July 27. Tenant swears she paid no rent to S.H. Davis during Federal Army occupation.

45. 1866 August 11. Certifies the dates that certain lands of George Dirmeyer were held by Union Army.

46. 1866 August 30. Donocourt pleads that back real estate taxes be returned to him, as his lands were occupied by Union forces.

47. 1866 September 25. Mrs. George W. Pritchard is released from taxes because her property had been occupied by Union forces.

48. 1878 September 22. Unsigned letter to family in Paris describing yellow fever epidemic in New Orleans.

49. 1873 April 25. Document attests that in Spain, widows sign legally for their minor children. Attested to by Henry Ruggles, United States Consul.

50-52. Undated. Three undated noted Eulalie McGeehan thanking Prosper Foy for a gift and inviting him to come and call.

53. 1838, 1835. Two bills of sale, payment received from Prosper Foy.

54. 1836, 1839, 1835. Three separate bills marked "payment received" from Prosper Foy.

55. 1826 January. Bill to Marie Laveau, money owed for marble table.

56. 1830 June 21. Receipt for $2.50 paid to L.M. Taney for copy of bill of sale of slave Pierre.

57. 1831. Sale of light-skinned slaves, Mary, age 29, and three "griffe" children.

58. 1830 February 20; 1832 June 14. Lists of books bought (by Prosper Foy) and prices paid.

59. 1832 July 17. List of books bought and prices paid.

60. 1833 February 28. Attests that free woman of color, Hacinthe Raphael, has sold or mortgaged her properties and slaves to secure funds to pay debts, but has not yet paid them. Document petitions judge for aid.

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61. 1839 and undated. Bills of sale for books sold to Prospect Foy.

1842 April 29. Bill for legal act and copying - slaves mortgaged by Felicité to pay, owed to Prosper Foy.

62. 1845 and 1851. Bills of sale for books sold to Prosper Foy.

63. 1851. Bills of sale for books sold to Prosper Foy paid to Z.B. Grozat.

64. 1851 April 4. Property sale by Louis Bartheberry Rey to Dutreuil Fouché.

65. 1854 May 6. Sale to settle the estate of a Madame Michel Bechet.

66. 1851. Two bills of sale for pamphlets.

67. Undated. Lists of books bought and price paid (at estate sales).

68. 1834. List of books bought and price paid (at estate sale).

69. 1833 November 15. List of books bought and prices paid.

70. 1829-1833. List of books bought and price paid.

71-72. Undated. Blank sheets

73. Undated. Poem on theme of excesses in power of legislature.

74. Undated. Inventory of slaves and of property.

75. 1853 June 27. List of slaves, names, and ages sold and price paid Joseph Picou to Prosper Foy.

76. Undated. Receipt noted by Lindor Boija, free man of color, of payment for mule sold to Prosper Foy.

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78. 1835. Tombstone inscription of Isabel Verrier 1819-1835.

79. Undated. Funeral notice of Dame Fillette Catopie.

80. Undated. Blank form for subscribers list to new French edition of a newspaper.

81. Undated. Three envelopes addressed to Prosper Foy.

82. Undated. Real estate form.

83. Undated. Injunction prohibiting sale of certain slaves.

84. Undated. Treatise on capital punishment.

85. Undated. List of atlases owned by Prosper Foy.

86. Undated. List of books bought at an estate sale.

87. Undated. List of books rebound in blue covers.

88. Undated. List of condition and type of binding on all his books.

89. Undated. List of where he bought most of his books.

90. Undated. List of where he bought most of his books.

Volume 2: Volume II

1. Undated. Book of poetry

2. Undated. Two sheets of poetry

3. a) Undated. List of different types of branches used to signify different saints

    b) 1834. Receipt of payment for three marble chimneys

4. 1849 May 12. Poem

5. Undated. a) Poems

                  b) Epitaphs, in English

6. Undated. Copy of the Star Spangled Banner

7. Undated. Poems - "Jesse" and "The Origin of the Harp"

8. Undated. Treatise on respect for the dead

9 and 10. Undated. Poems

11. 1844 November 30. Poem for a friend

12-19. Undated. Poetry

20. Undated. Epitaph for person born 1799 July 3

21-23. Undated. "Couplets patriotiques" poetry

24-27. Undated. Poems

28-30 and 33. 1843-1844. "Estrennes a Iris" poetry

31 and 32. Undated. Lines from Oedipus and explanations for the riddle of the Sphinx

34. Undated. a) Poems

                  b) Lease - Prosper Foy rents dwelling to M. Mermes

35. Undated. "Ode to General Lafayette"

36. Blank.

37-39. Undated. Poem "The Reign of Terror"

40-41. Undated. Poems

42. Undated. Booklet, "vaudeville constituant"

43. Dates of births and deaths of Foy children

44 and 46-52. Undated. Article on the Battle of New Orleans

45. Blank

53-62. Notes on the Battle of New Orleans

63-65. More notes on the Battle of New Orleans

66-67. Essay on the origin of the Mexicans

68. Undated.  Note to the editor of L'Abeille regarding Espostero

69-71. First and later draft of article on "Translation des Cendres de Napoleon"

72. Undated. Notes for articles

73. Undated. Notebook of Pauline Foy

Box 2: Manuscripts
Folder 1: "Martha Ou Le Marche de Richmond" script and stage directions
French translation of an English opera.
Folder 2: "Les Noces de Figaro" script and stage directions
Folder 3: "Les Dragons de Villars" script and stage directions
Folder 4: Unidentified manuscripts
Believed to be 'Revolution des Colonies espagnoles en Amerique, 7me cahier' or 'Revolution of the Spanish Colonies in America, 7th volume.'
Folder 5: Unidentified manuscripts
Believed to be 'Revolution des Colonies espagnoles en Amerique, 7me cahier' or 'Revolution of the Spanish Colonies in America, 7th volume.'

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